martes, 27 de enero de 2015

Comenius week in Germany

Last sunday 25th our students Paula, Natalia, María and Isabel together with their teachers came back from a great experience in Hannover. Again our colleagues from Finland, France, Italy, Czech Republic met at the Gymnasium Goethe-Schule in Germany where we were received a warm welcome. Thanks to the organizers and the whole school for their job.

Click on the photo of the group to see a gallery of pictures of the visit.

Some activities allowed our students  to participate in a filming process using the technique of greenscreen.
Here you are the winner. Perhaps we have new television stars in our school!!.

Here you are another one.

Trinity examinations

 We have some news from the Trinity College registration office. All the students interested in the examinations ISE I and ISE II for next 15th April in our school please contact your teacher of English as soon as possible as the registration has to be completed by 1st February.

Una nueva noticia de la oficina de registros de Trinity College. Todo el alumnado interesado en los exámenes del próximo 15 de Abril en el centro conducentes a certificados ISE I (B1) e ISE II (B2), por favor, contactad con vuestro profesor/a de Inglés lo antes posible porque la matriculación debe completarse antes del 1 de febrero.

Here you are the link to the main page in the website Trinity College.

lunes, 12 de enero de 2015

COMENIUS visit to Hannover

We start the year 2015 with the next visit of the project Sciences and Arts. Next week from 18th to 25th January, four students and two teachers of our school will be visiting the GymnasiumGoetheschule Hannover .

During the present week we'll be revising the presentation of our school in the German one. Thus, girls, be ready for that!

If you cannot watch the programme below please click on this link.

jueves, 8 de enero de 2015

Back to school...again and HAPPY 2015

After the countdown on 31st december 0:00 the calendar with a good set of purposes for the new year starts. Have you  got any? Do you give up by the end of January? Watch the video with some advices to keep your resolutions.

I want to share with you this quote as its philosophy is worthy. Whatever your goals are, keep this ideas in mind.  ENJOY YOUR DAYS IN 2015!

And here you are a link to read about the celebration of 6th January in Ireland. Did you know that the Epiphany or "Nollaig na mBanis called Women's Christmas. Read and learn why.